Need SRQ TPA area Real Estate Attorney and CPA!

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I have been using the same accountant for a while and he sold his company to a new guy who is so confused and has no idea how to properly file real estate tax things. I am currently on an extension from last year and am hoping to talk to someone who is knowledgeable specifically with filing taxes for real estate investors and can actually give some insight on how to set up for the future.

I am also looking for a real estate attorney who can guide me on how to properly set up my companies, legalities etc. Business is going great and I cant keep expanding without having legal help to set up properly in the future. 

@Ilona Davidovich sorry to hear about the issues with the change over of CPA- that's never fun!

I know @Steven Hamilton II who is very active on here has a second office in Florida. He's a real estate investor himself - I would give him a shout and see if he can't help you get things squared away!

Hello Ilona,

I'm in the Spring Hill area; however, I meet clients all over the Tampa area.

Thank you @natalie for tagging me.

Originally posted by @Ilona Davidovich :

Thank you everyone! I will contact everyone you suggested through private messages. 

@Yonah Weiss Do you only do cost segregation for people in FL?

 I work for a national firm, and we work in all 50 states.