Crowdfunding Options for SD IRA - Debt Investments Only

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Has anyone come across a crowdfunding site which offers diversified "REIT style" investments as debt only? I'm a fan of Groundfloor for their easy to set up self-directed IRA options which can be invested in debt only deals, avoiding the UBIT and UDFT penalties of equity deals. Groundfloor is also available for non-accredited investors. However, on Groundfloor you can only invest in individual properties, and can't easily pool your risk like you can through buying shares of equity investment eREIT's which are offered on many of the platforms.

I have seen some sites which combine debt/equity investments into an eREIT, but I haven't seen any debt only offerings for some reason. I'm not sure if this is some kind of securities violation? It seems that if it can be done for equity only, debt/equity combo, it should also exist for debt only, which again would make a lot of sense for those investing with a self-directed IRA and looking to diversify while avoiding penalties.

If you've come across a service like this or have any alternate suggestions please reach out.    

 There’s no crowdfunding platform that currently offers this. But I’m invested in 2  syndications which are funds  of hundreds of diversified notes: Broadmark capital and Arixa Secured Income Fund.  Both allow SDIRA investements.