Charlotte area CPA recommendations

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Can anyone recommend a qualified and experienced CPA that specializes in real estate in the Charlotte, NC area? I have prepared my own taxes up until this point but feel that I now may need the expertise of a tax professional. Thank you in advance for anyone who responds! Tyler C.

@William Copeland do I have a doozy of a referral for you.  If you want someone local that is also virtual, @Natalie Kolodij just moved out to Charlotte. You can find a lot of her posts on here and they offer great insight and value. She's one of the pros on here that I trust to refer to and I think you'll find that out too by reaching out to her. See if she has any available client openings and if so, have a conversation! Best of luck!

@Jake Hottenrott Thanks for the shout out!

@William Copeland I am selectively taking on new clients- feel free to shoot me a PM! I tried to make it to a local REI meetup last week but I hurt my back moving so no dice.

Hopefully make it out to meet some local investors soon :) 

I have a recommendation for a great CPA that specializes in real estate investors, many local investors utilize. Speaks annually at Metrolina REIA Re tax changes. Send me a personal request if you want the contact, send me a request