SEATTLE! Looking for a CPA specializing in RE!

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Looking for the equivalent of Amanda Han in the pacific northwest, haha.

Just starting off and want to make sure we're putting our right foot forward.  Beginning to make offers and am not as well versed as I'd like in taxes and all things associated with them!

Ideally this professional specializes in asset protection, use of entities, trusts, self-directed retirement accounts and obviously maximizing depreciation and deductions.

Thanks in advance! 

@Brian Erickson  

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat! 

Some of what you're looking for is more legal than tax (Asset protection, use of entity) but I can definitely advise on any of the tax related elements of all of those items. 

Plus I have excellent referrals for local attorneys as well. 

For asset protection, a firm like Anderson Business Advisors can definitely help with establishing LLC's and other legal entities at a reasonable price. They're who we use for entities and taxes, I've been pleased so far.