Wealthability by Tom Wheelwright

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My wife and I are seriously considering Wealthability and I’m curious for those who signed up if they still believe in it and recommend it? I have a couple questions:

1. How much did you pay for the service?

2. After your strategy session, are you able to contact the CPA’s any time as part of the initial fee?

3. They claim there is only a one-time charge and then the only charge is to file your tax return each year. Is that true? Are there other hidden costs or “upsells?”

I REALLY appreciate any feedback you can provide as this is quite an investment they are asking of us.



I would recommend that you reach out to Anderson Advisers first, they may be able to guide you through and do more due diligence. 

James did you end up meeting with Weathability?  My husband and I just interviewed Keystone CPA and are looking for a few others to interview before we make our choice.  


Following this as I had my consult today and they wanted $19k.

I suspect they price based upon household income if I had to guess.

What other alternatives are out there and how much do they charge?

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