Using a VA for bookkeeping, is it safe?

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So I'm looking to outsource my bookkeeping in order to free up some time for other tasks. I found a VA on Fiverr but I'm curious about the security aspect.

I'm going to need to provide my quickbooks file and bank statements to this person.  That inherently feels dangerous, but this must be standard practice.

How do you guys handle this and what should I do to lower the risk?  Am I just being paranoid?  Thanks.

@Brad E. - If you have a contract VA through Fiverr or elsewhere I wouldn't recommend giving them access to banking records or login credentials.

However, we have 2 long-term employed VA that have access to all my files and financials and I've got no worry. But I know them, trust them, and they are not temporary employees.

@Brad E.

I probably wouldn't do this through up work or fiverr but you absolutely can outsource it to a dedicated bookkeeper VA. I'd want one who only does bookkeeping. I think QuickBooks has a forum or directory where you can find certified quickbooks professionals. Those are the folks that I'd have no problem hiring virtually.

@Brad E.

Just make sure that whoever you work with is using bank level encryption and has a perhaps has a cyber-insurance policy in place. That would be a good place to start to verify security of financial data.

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