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I'm a believer in Brian's coaching method, and his business model.  I don't get compensated to recommend him.  I just think most of the educators in this business teach the same old tired strategies.  Not Brian - he teaches lease options, joint ventures, owner financing, and many other creative strategies (plus critical negotiation skills) that enable you to turn more leads into money, and that is what this business is all about.

Check him out:


Thank you @Dev Horn !

And @Alex Harris

An example:

$200K ARV $20K in work

A. Wholesaling 

.7 x 200K = $140K - $20K = $120K - wholesaling fee $10K = $110K to seller


B. JV with Seller

$200K - $20K costs to sell - $20K in work - $10 JV Fee for you = $150K to seller


Get trained to today, 

Don't be a one trick pony, 

Be a Transaction Engineer

I made 20,000$ thanks to coaching I received from @Brian Gibbons  before I even paid him!


The negotiations skills I learned from him make negotiating with sellers a win-win negotiating cake walk.  He is also extremely tough as a coach, if you are not interested in taking action and making things happen then he is not for you.  His approach is learning the theory and then immediately putting it into practice.

Ultimately the only people who I have seen complain about him are those who are not ready to take action and are not ready to own the responsability for their decision to let their fear control them and not go out and make things happen.

Bottom line is that he clearly knows what he is talking about, this is not one of those coaches who started investing and then realized that coaching real estate is much more easier and with much less risk (hmmm...but there are not any coaches like that on BP are there?) Brian has gone out and done the investing and risk taking and continues to do so, but he also loves helping others and realizes that.  

What sold me on Brian is that although he will eventually draw the line he is such a generous person that he has a hard time not helping somebody even if they are not yet a paying customer.

@William Johnson

You are an awesome student, you learned the negotiation better than most!

Now if I can just learn French for Quebec CA

You should do very well over the next 12 months:)

Brian est un expert dans l'art de la négociation!

(sorry I had to get some more mileage out of this silly drawing of you, coach!)

“I am always ready to learn, but I do not always like being taught.”
~ Sir Winston Churchill

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