How to Search the Marketplace - Updated!

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The new look and functionality in BP is awesome.

However I have a question; I cannot see the stats (# of views, # of users, # of posts) for my post in Market Place any more. Please help... 

Originally posted by @Soji Oyenuga :

The new look and functionality in BP is awesome.

However I have a question; I cannot see the stats (# of views, # of users, # of posts) for my post in Market Place any more. Please help... 

 Any update on where the number of VIEWS for a post went and how to find it?

@Mindy Jensen

In regards to the search by location feature that was added a while back, would it be possible to add in a distance option?  For example, entering a zip code and then an option for a 5 mile, 10 mile, 20 mile, etc... search radius?

I'm in South Florida and being only able to choose "Florida" is a large search area.

@Mindy Jensen Once I create a filter based on my specific search criteria, Can I set it up to be an 'alert'. It would be great to add several alerts/ notification based on different types of search criteria. For example, if I want alerts for SFR - NJ Properties as well as if I am looking for a partner in NJ as well as if I want to invest in a Triplex in NJ... So it should be able to setup 3 different alerts.

Hope the examples are clear. Please let me know if this will be possible anytime soon. 


searching by location still does not work correctly. I put las vegas and NV and i still get posts to every other part of the country except what i filtered for?  why?

Originally posted by @Mindy Jensen :

@Dawn Anastasi , @Rich Bravo , @Paige Clarke , @Soji Oyenuga

Check it out!!!

Filter by location is now added!

Obviously this is a super old post that I am quoting, but I thought of something that might make it better so here it is :) I just think (just a thought, of course) that it would be even AWESOMER if we could search by county as well! I'm looking in some rural areas and it would be super helpful to just group the whole county together instead of having to add each city by city... Also, there appears to be a glitch..... When I apply the filter "Sacramento, California" not everything pulls up from Sacramento... I know because I had just looked at a 2/2 house recently posted in Sacramento when I searched in the whole state of California (haha), and then it wasn't there when I applied the city filter... So yeah. Just so you know :)

@Mindy Jensen   I dont know if anyone is still looking at this thread, but the filter by location does not work.  At least for Pennsylvania.   When I filter by location with just the state, (PA)   I get the following:   

This page failed to load

Something went wrong when we tried to load this page for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience. This could be due to a temporary glitch, planned site maintenance or perhaps BiggerPockets is just too busy right now. Rest assured that we have been notified of this issue and will fix it as quickly as we can.

@Mindy Jensen   Hi Mindy, Thanks for posting this..... I was thinking out loud, wondering if it is possible .... I opened a search for "Michigan" and saw an overwhelming amount of listings to go thru.  I think there are 44 pages to look through, with varied demographics.....but I am going to guess a significant portion of those are further from me than I would consider.  I am most interested in anything north of, say a line parallel to the equator but north of say Big Rapids, including the eastern portion of the UP.  I see tons for the Detroit area listed, which at this time I am not interested in, so my question is, is it possible, inside of a search to turn specific results OFF?  For instance, if the first search result was for Rochester Hills, MI, I would want to be able to turn that one OFF so that every time I do a search (as long as I am logged into my account, I mean) for "Michigan" the ones I have turned OFF, will not appear.  That being said, there would have to be a button that allowed you to see those you have turned OFF so that if you changed your mind, or your investment strategies needed updating to include a wider radius, you could go in and turn them individually back ON.  If that is not possible, is there a way to add the ability to search by, say, County and State instead of just State?  Michigan is pretty big and I would love a chance to see anything fairly local to me, but I feel like if I wade thru 44 pages and then there is not a single house listed is in my area, that will be a considerable amount of time (I hesitate to use the word Wasted since I love looking thru the Marketplace...... but wonder if my time would have been better spent).  Your thoughts?  Thanks in advance.