How to Search the Marketplace - Updated!

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Hi Mindy,

I wanted to ask a question in the marketplace.  The question was "can anybody recommend an architect.  One that is not over the top expensive for a single family home new construction project in Studio City California.  I can't figure out what to click to  post the question.  I see something above that says "post marketplace ad" but I would not consider my question to be an ad.  Can you tell me?

I glanced through this thread, but still have a Q.  Where is the search box for the Marketplace?  I seem to be challenged in optimizing BP web searches, so my apologies!

I am trying to help a Norcal fire survivor look for property or people contacts (who may know of property) for a project that he is trying to get off the ground to help others.  He's legit, been featured in the news for his rescue of 60+ elderly residents, has been on-the-ground helping other survivors non-stop during and since the fire.   Is there a way I can leverage BP to find him some useful resources or contacts relative to land/property search?

One of the earlier news features:

Some key words:  Butte County, Chico, Paradise, Magalia, Corning

Thank you for any tips!!

@brandonturner  search by location seems to be difficult to use still.  Can you modify it to have a mileage range similar to other RE search tools?



I'm confused, i have saved a search with the location filter on CALIFORNIA and I am seeing no new listings for the past ten days. The newest post with that filter on is from ten days ago. For years, I have seen new listings posted every day or two, three days at the most. 

Has something changed with the search engine?

Or has nobody posted anything for sale in California in the past ten days?

I am having trouble filtering out california properties. can someone help me?

Hello All

I just looked at the marketplace for the first time and was wondering?

Is there a fee for contacting one of the postings? Is this part of a Pro membership? 



When I go to search marketplace for real estate it doesn't give me the option for that filter. It ends with performing notes, and everything listed above performing notes are services and things of such. Using Safari Web Browser.