Looking to buy Multi Family properties - Michigan

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Hello, I am looking for wholesalers or good leads for Multi Family properties in and around Kalamazoo, Grandrapids PawPaw of areas in these general Michigan locations. 

We are investors who do Fix and Flips, but also want to start to get into Buy and Hold properties, I have access to the MLS via 2 agents I work with but would like to get leads on properties that have not made it onto the MLS.

I am particularly looking for places that I can value add through minor to major fixes so please feel free to contact me and add me to your potential list.



@David Lehane

Please send me your email address so I can forward Michigan properties directly.

Hi @David Lehane . I have access to off-market deals. Sending you a colleague request.

@Amy Edinger @Teddi Henry - if either of you come across off market multifamily in the city of Pontiac or Auburn Hills specifically please forward my way.

@David Lehane sometimes I wish I lived on the west side of the state; I hear there are amazing things going on in Grand Rapids. I also hear the GR REI group are a great group of guys/gals..

Have a great weekend all!


Hi Trevor

Thanks for this, you brough up a very good point, does anyone know the contact details for the GR REI and for one in Kalamazoo?

@David Lehane

Search for the posting titled: REI Groups in Grand Rapids; it lists 2 or 3 along with the people who head it up. Happy Hunting!

thanks, appreciate the advice, cheers

I can recommend a good REI group : ) Contact me via email.

@David Lehane - although @Clay Powell and I have never spoke I often see his comments on this forum and he provides solid answers and good advice. His group was the one I was trying to think of but could not remember it while driving down the road trying to text me reply the other day haha. Not to mention everyone I have ever met from Grand Rapids seem to be good people :) - I hope you enjoy this REI group.

Have a great evening gents!

Thanks for this. 

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