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James Vasquez
  • San Antonio, TX
Posted Jul 24 2016, 14:50

Investors, our nationwide housing buying site,,  is finally ranking at the top of google, nationwide for most of the most searched keywords that the most motivated home owners are typing it, such as:  "Sell My House Fast" or "Need To Sell My House" or "Sell My House".

Need To Sell My House is currently generating over 20+ leads per day, everyday, from motivated sellers that are looking to get rid of an unwanted home.  We already have a few investors that we are selling these leads to on an EXCLUSIVE basis, so every lead only gets sold to ONE investor.

We collect the Seller's Name, Full Property Address, Reason for Selling, and the Least They'd Accept.   

Here's how it works:

1) The Motivated Seller finds us on Google and fills out our web form requesting a cash offer

2) Our system automatically geographically matches the lead with ONE of our lead buyers.

3) Instantaneously, the system emails the lead to the lead buyer and charges them for the lead.

We're currently getting leads all across the country, including popular states like: Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania,  and Oklahoma, and many others.  We're also getting leads from cities like:

Philadelphia, PA

Detroit, MI

Chicago, IL

Tulsa, OK

Atlanta, GA

Wichita, KS

Cedar Rapids, IA

Indianapolis, IN

Baltimore, MD

Allentown, PA

...And many other surrounding cities and areas.

Pricing ranges from $75/lead up to $175/lead.  

You can buy our motivated seller leads from us by contacting us here OR you can message me here on Bigger Pockets.

** Please only contact us IF you have at least some experience buying property from motivated home owners.  These leads can help investors to grow their "existing" business.


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