Best Lender for an Apartment in Cincinnati?

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Hey guys- I'm buying a 24-unit apartment building near Cincinnati and I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a great commercial lender or small local bank? 


@Brandon Turner we have used valley central bank for most of our acquisitions and cash out refis. Over many years and lots of transactions, we have built a really strong relationship with the senior Vice president of commercial lending. They financed our 42 unit in Cincinnati and it was a really smooth process. To this day we cant find better rate/terms offered at other local banks. I’d be happy to make an introduction if you’d like.


I can connect you with a few colleagues I have in the Capital Markets.  That can offer you Premium Pricing.  Usually much better than most banks.  I've facilitated many apartment deals and I'm very familiar with the process.  


It's always good to connect with other investors. I'm a Commercial Mortgage Broker with 11 Capital Finance. If you need financing options, feel free to reach out. We have over 250 programs for permanent financing, cash out refis, Hard Money, Bridge loans, Ground Up Construction, aquisitional funding, Capital raise,resources for LOC loans and so on for any 1-4 unit investment property and any commercial property out there. If I can be an asset to you, your clients, and your business, call me. Let's make money together!


Trevor Chamberlin IAP 11 Capital Finance Cell: (480) 527-1775

Brandon, I think our organization can help you, but I need to know how much money you need to make a determination.  Let me know, also send me an email address so I can send you some info.

Reggie Truss

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Originally posted by Account Closed:

Its kind of odd when a teacher asks students a question that is giving them the blues.

 I don't think its odd Brandon is just using the BP resource to narrow down who he is gonna use for financing. I know he is a teacher of the webinars and host of the podcast but that don't mean he know every market in the U.S 

Brandon, if you can qualify for traditional bank financing, then that is the best scenario.  If not, we can offer the following:

65-75% LTV (based on location, age, quality, etc....)

$300k to $20M

High 4's to mid 5's for fixed rate

30/30, 3/1, 5/1,7/1, and 10/1 Term Length

3.5 origination points

Also available for: Mixed Use; Student Housing; and 4/5 star Mobile Home Parks, and Low Income Housing

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