Earn 18-25% Interest Earnings on Your Funds - FULLY SECURED

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Investing in a 1st position mortgage while earning 18-25% on your money was never so easy! Message me is you are tired with traditional investments yielding 2-4% with no security attached.

Investment is secured against a real property at or below 60% of the its value.

Sounds promising.
What are the terms?

Just closed on 3 properties today on our first tranche.  Looking for more investors who are interested in earning 5x+ the average returns in today's market.

Closed on our first three properties yesterday and rehab has commenced.  Two end buyers already walking two of the homes this weekend with possible offers coming already!

Secured another tranche of 12 properties this week so far!

Looking for more investors to complete our capital raise.

Properties closing at the end of this month that still need capital allocated!

7 Properties left to allocate capital to for this month.

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