TWO 2/1 Single Families in PREMIER Area of Milwaukee!

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Price $142,000
Location 1013 and 1017 E Pearson St, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
Property Details

Single Family Residence

  • Current Rent: $0
  • Square Footage:
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1.0
  • Occupied: No
  • Lot Size: 5000
FOR SALE: 1013 and 1017 E Pearson St, Milwaukee

2 beds/1 bath each in one of the most premier areas of Milwaukee, one block off of Brady Street. I would like to sell as a pair, but recently listed at $142K each (discount when bought together). Each has its own separate tax parcel.

There is an open house tomorrow, Saturday, from 1-3pm.

Contact Carole Wehner, Milwaukee Executive Realty at 414-704-7103.

I am the owner of the properties, and I would like to pull my cash out of these to put into larger multifamilies. These could be flipped, redeveloped, or rented. They were previously rented for $1300/each/month.

Feel free to stop over tomorrow and check out the area to see all the new developments and rapidly-growing East Side/Downtown! This is very close to the new Bucks Arena!

I had these under contract, but buyer was not able to secure financing so they are back on the market. Price lowered to $130K for 1017 and $125K for 1013. Motivated to sell!

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