Need help filling a vacancy - Los Angeles 90011

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Need help filling a vacancy in my Duplex located in Los Angeles CA 90011. The unit is newly constructed 1750 sq ft, adjacent 2 car garage, 5 beds and 4 baths, 2 story unit. Hardwood floors W/d hook ups. Its kinda awesome. 

Open to new PM's and idea to rent out asap.

@Mickey Bale have you already started advertising the property through zillow,, trulia, facebook, craigslist and all of the other social media websites?

There are quite a few ways to get your duplex filled and if you're going about the right marketing and advertising you'll get it done pretty quickly.

I also have a duplex in 90011 at San Pedro & 24th st that is occupied. It went pretty quickly. 

Is this your first time filling an occupancy? I don't mind lending a hand if you've never done it before. Do you have income / credit / background requirements? Charge application fee? 

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