Podcast 112 is up

This is the third episode in our three part series on setting up business entities. I’d recommend reviewing the first and second one before diving into this one.

Real estate agents, rehabbers, property managers, tax lien buyers, wholesalers, and others – where do you start with your company structuring? From liability protection to self-employment tax, what company is best?

Join licensed realtor Chris Lopez and attorney Peter McFarland in exploring strategies to ensure you are well protected and streamlined for tax purposes.

Specific Topics Include:

  • LLC or Corporation: Which is Better?
  • Exploring the Liability Veil: Best Practices for your Company
  • C-Corporations, Double-Taxation, and Fringe Benefits
  • S-Corporations and Self-Employment Tax
  • S-Corporations and the New 199A Deduction

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