Podcast #263: ADU Build Out in Unincorporated Adams County

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Podcast 263 is up. 

This podcast is titled ADU Build Out in Unincorporated Adams County.

Investor couple Chantal and Tyler join our resident ADU expert and agent @Stacy Rozansky  in this episode to talk about a Denver ADU property they purchased in 2017. This property is located near Regis University just North of Denver in the Chaffee Park neighborhood but on the Adams County side. 

The property had unique characteristics like a full kitchen in the basement and an old garage/barn structure at the back of the property. Listen to the podcast to find out what advice this investor couple has for Denver buyers looking for ADU properties.

There are three ways to get the details for this episode:


Chris Lopez
Investor Friendly Realtor
Envision Advisors


@Tyler Garcia congrats! Yea, send over the details. Currently, we have a backlog of deals to cover and are prioritizing a bunch of recent deals that we've done.

@Ben Brown It's my studio that I use for my Denver podcast (not BP affiliated) and the Tribe of Multi Family Mentors Show. You can fill out a guests apperance form for the main BP podcasts.

@Chris Lopez

Thank you for the reply!

I guess the BP sign behind you in the video had me thinking it was BP affiliated. I also swear I have seen your space in BP round Robin discussions, but maybe not.

We are in the process of building a podcast studio. Your podcast sounds pretty good. I noticed you don't have any acoustic dampening that I could see.

I am diving into your podcasts now. Just finished this one. Keep up the great work!