Favorite Investment Quotes from People you have admired.

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Do you have an investor whom you admire ? Is there any quotes you would like to share from other investors in real estate, equities etc who has inspired you?

Jim Rogers is one my all time favorite investors since my early 20s. He became a  multi-millionaire at the young age of 37. There is a lot of investing wisdom I gained from Jim, not just in the equities markets, but also the way I like to approach real estate investing.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Jim.

1) The fundamental strategy is this:  stay with what you know and expand on it. Concentrate on what you know and  changes you see - you will see a major change coming long before I ever will,  long before anybody else will, because "X" is your passion; they are  what you are sitting around reading about all the time.

2) You should  wait until you find something you are so thoroughly sure of, based on your  wealth of knowledge, and something that is so cheap, that buying it is a fool  proof as going over to the corner and picking up the money. That is what  successful investors do. They do not do a lot of jumping around. Warren Buffet  rarely changes his holdings. I do not change my positions a lot since I invest  in secular trends, which by definition lasts many years.

3. If I were to  tell you that you would make only twenty investments in your lifetime, chances  are you would be extremely careful about investing. Most people jump from here  to there. If you are a successful investor, you should be careful as you would  be if you had 25 investments to make over the course of your life. That is the  way successful investors make money.

4. If you want to make a lot of  money, resist diversification. Brokers promote the notion that everybody should  diversify. The way to get rich is to find what is good, focus on it, and  concentrate your resources there. But make sure you are right. For investors who  want to make a lot of money, stay with what you know, do not jump around, and  invest very rarely and in a concentrated way. Stick with what you, yourself have  a great wealth of knowledge in.

5. I am an investor, not a trader. I look  to buy assets cheap and never sell it.

6. Any spare time I have now I  want to devote to my wife and children. I would rather spend time with my  daughters  than do just about anything else. There is nobody I would rather have  dinner with, nobody I would rather do anything with, than Happy, Baby Bee, and  Paige.

7. Investor always feel that they need to be doing something all the time. Sometimes the best thing that an investor can do is nothing.

@Anil Samuel

Great quote from Warren Buffett. The other one I like from Buffet is:

"Don't give your children so much money to the point they do nothing with their lives, but just enough so that they will do something significant with their lives."

Richard Marcinko -- One of the biggest investors in US Patriotism. "There is a solution to every problem. There is motivation to go on." When all else looks like failure. ... Find another way.

I am glad 99% of investors do not follow this philosophy. There would be no room for new investors.

I don't remember who said this one but "If you don't like where you are then move your not a tree"

@James Park 

I've never heard of Jim Rogers before but I like the quotes! Is there a particular book of his that you would recommend? I'd be very interested to read it.

"Faber Est Suae Quisque Fortunae" - Appius Claudius Caecus 

It's latin, but translates to "Every man is the artisan of his own fortune."

"if your batting 1000...then your in the minor leagues"

Warren Buffett

@Wendy Noble

Wendy, I've read many of Jim's books but my favorite is the most recent book he wrote, "Street Smarts" as he talks a lot more about his personal life growing up:

Born in October 19, 1942 in Alabama, getting accepted to Yale, failed first marriage, starting the Quantum fund with legendary George Soros etc., and his passion for investing. He became a mult-millionaire at the age of 37 and today, his net worth is $500 million. I've gained a lot of investment wisdom from reading his books that I also apply in my personal real estate investing.

Originally posted by @Wendy Noble:

@James Park 

I've never heard of Jim Rogers before but I like the quotes! Is there a particular book of his that you would recommend? I'd be very interested to read it.

@James Park "I've never had a Bad Tenant go Good! When/if this occurs, get them out ASAP." Mike Hurney

"Most successful investors, in fact, do nothing most of the time."

Once you've invested in something, done your research, made money, and decide to sell, you need to be careful, Jim Rogers says:

Now that is a very dangerous time. It is dangerous because you think you are really hot, a financial genius. It is the time when you think you know that this investing thing is an easy game. It is the time that you should open the curtains, look out the window, go to the beach, do anything but think about investing. Because now is when you're most vulnerable. You think: I have to find something else. I have to do it again. This is wonderful. This is so easy. Just as I thought after tripling my money with my puts. ... It is the great mistake people make."

- Jim Rogers

"Early in my career as an investor, I assumed others knew more than I did, and I would try to mimic them. Over time, I found that when I disagreed with them, I ended up being right. So I began listening to my myself over others."

- Jim Rogers

Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.

~Warren Buffett

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