Hiring a Bookkeeper - QuickBooks

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I have decided to hire a part time bookkeeper. I have been using QuickBooks Pro 2015. Do I just back up the company file and give it to them? I see there is an Accountant Copy that I can make. Is that the smarter way? Here is my conundrum: If I make a bookkeeper user that is not full admin and give her the backup she can import and do all kinds of great things, when I get the updated file I don't think I will be allowed to because she uses Accountant and I use Pro. What is the "right" way to do this?

Thanks for the input!

Gita Faust or Nancy Neville might be able to answer this.  I'm not colleagues, so can't link.  (Sorry I didn't think of these names when we were swapping email yesterday).  I'm usually pretty impressed with how in-depth their quickbooks knowledge is when they post here.

Have you ever attempted to setup a RDC(remote desktop connection)?  This would allow the bookkeeper to essentially log in to the company file from anywhere.  For example where I work now, we have a server computer and everyone "RDC's" into the computer and multiple people are working in the same quickbooks file at the same time.  I even log in from home sometimes to get some late night work in.  

Hi @Tom Lynn . Remote desktop is a bad idea because QuickBooks is not hosted on a server (2 connections allowed, plus console). When a Windows desktop is remotely connected to, it is locked to that user (1 connection allowed). I need my computer for me, and I would never let a connection like that into my network from the Internet for security reasons, and I don't have time to configure a VPN to lock it down. Additionally, any bookkeeper should be able to do books on their own without needing to use my equipment. They are not an employee in the company, they are providing a service to the company. I wouldn't hire a handyman that needs to use my saws and drills  :)

I have since found a local BP member who is also awesome and can provide the service, so I'm doing great. Thanks for the comment, it's a good idea for a large business that will own that employee, but not as useful for needing a part-time person.