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Hello, I'm a new investor from Charleston, WV. My wife and I currently own a sfh rental and are in the process of acquiring a triplex. Looking for a good CPA in the Charleston area. Any suggestions are appreciated.

CPA's can be located anywhere really. Instead of looking forn one based in a certain location, I would look for one who specializes in real estate.  Ive seen some pretty dumb things from CPA's who do not deal often with real estate such as not taking depreciation on a property.  So in light of what I said, I would recommend @Brandon Hall .

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@Justin Ullum it's personal preference, but don't feel like you have to use someone local. Many of us have clients all over the U.S. and even globe. Technology allows us to collaborate seamlessly with one another.

If you are set on using a local CPA, check out a local FaceBook group or REIA meetup. Or search BP for members local to you and ask for a referral. That usually works.

Hope this helps!

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Valerie Cowley @ Herman and Cormany 

I keep them on their toes with 3 LLC's and one S-Corp with Notes, Flips, Rentals and as a Broker!

I have used both local and out-of-state. Talent is everywhere. However, since we are from a smaller market it always pays to have a name on your business plan that the banks recognize.