CPA recommendation needed

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Hello BP Community,

I'm a real estate investor and looking to expand my portfolio. I've managed my own books and filed my own taxes the past few years, but with my scaling intentions, this is no longer viable.

I would love some recommendations from the seasoned pros out there.

I'm not sure if this matters, but I'm in NYC; currently own RE in NY and Miami, but looking to invest in other cities as well.


Hi @Hamish Odiean Jr

I use Mary Prados in Miami. She's a CPA and so far has helped me a lot. When I looked for a CPA, my requirement was that he or she has real estate experience or is an investor. 

Let me know if you ever decide to outsource your property management. 

Kind Regards,


Since the majority of your tax liability is Federal it is more important to have an expert Business and Real Estate tax specialist.  It does not matter which state in which they practice.  I have used Dorigatti and Associates since the mid 80's.  Richard is so well studied in the Internal Revenue Code he is genius in getting all of the legal tax deductions and keeping us in the middle of white and out of taxation trouble with the IRC.  Got to love 1099.