Mint vs Personal Capital

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@Erik Sherburne - I'm going to be that annoying guy that says both :). 

I use Mint to track my personal expenses and Personal Capital to track my net worth. The reason for this is that I do not consider expenses that deal with my two properties, AirBnb business, or car rental a true expense when looking at my progress towards financial independence. However, I do consider them as contributors to my net worth. 

Hope this makes sense. 

@Erik Sherburne I used Mint awhile ago, but now it’s a combination of YNAB and Personal Capital.

YNAB or Mint - Granular day to day or month to month budgeting. 

Personal Capital - High Level Net Worth Tracking. Personal Capital just looks nice and fresh to be honest. Plus, I like the investment fee tracking to show you what you’re paying across all accounts. 

I have both Mint and PC set up but I haven't actually gone in there to organize and categorize things. I should probably do that...

PC phone app doesn't work on my phone also. Haven't tried Mint phone app though.

I've been using Mint and Personal Capital for about 6 months.  I've found Personal Capital to be a little better with connecting to my various accounts.  I haven't been real pleased with the dashboard of either but I'd give the edge to Personal Capital.  One thing I was hoping to find in a Wealth tracker was the ability to print a report that I could then include in a loan application.  Does anyone have any ideas for a tracker that would solve this need?