According to the FIRE ratio I'm extremely close to 100% but then I have to consider things such as insurance when I no longer have an employer and it pushes that percentage back quite a bit. I'm wondering if there's any other expenses that you don't really think about to consider before you're finally at FI without the perks of having an employer? This is what I've come up with so far.

Insurance: provided through employer at a much lower cost than it would be on my own.

401k: Currently getting company match of 3% added along with my contributions. Do you still contribute to 401k after FI and if so what % do you continue to contribute? The amount you had been adding or your amount+ what the company match was?

Food cost: My employer has a market inside where we can get our groceries fresh and lower cost than at a normal grocery store. I'll have to either increase my budget for food or learn more ways to eat for less since the market is only for employees and their family.

I don't plan on leaving my job until I'm up to about 150% of the FIRE ratio or higher so I can continue to build my wealth rather than stagnant at 100% but these were just a few things I thought of.