I need a book keeper in Oklahoma (or virtual)

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I'm trying to find a book keeper to use, and set up Quickbooks for me... I have a small portfolio in two states (oklahoma and florida).

I tried messaging a few people I thought were accounting professionals and  Bigger pockets blocked me from messaging due to spamming.  I sent 3 messages. 
* Messaging unlocked now * looking for recommendations of who you've used, or if you're in the business, please message me!

Eric, if you have a small portfolio you can use cheaper and less complicated software than QB.

Check out stessa dot com. Its free. 

Also check out SimplifyEM dot com.

Good luck. 

Bill, Thanks for the suggestion... I'm mainly looking to push the day-to-day maintenance of QB out to a book keeper so that I'm not fiddling with it myself. I have too much going on to keep up with it... I also need to be able to grow as I shift into larger MF investments next year