Cheap blinds or nicer ones? I have a theory…

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I’m turning my second rental and noticed that blind prices at HD are almost 3x the price of blinds at Wally World and MANards. But in turn you get a cheap product at the latter two… they work fine but they let a lot of light through. Enough light to where I wonder if it’s just inviting my soon to be tenant to drill shoddy holes all over my just repainted walls and trim to put up curtains? 

Does anybody have a philosophy of putting higher quality blinds that actually block most of the light out in their B and C grade units to prevent tenants from wanting to put up additional window dressings? I’m having a hard time justifying another $200 for blinds but it would be worth it if it made my tenants less DIY minded… 

I put up decent blinds in my units. If they are broken when it comes time to turnover the security deposit should cover it. Either way though, the security deposit should cover it, just hope there isn't too much the security deposit needs to cover...

Hi David,

Now they have curtains up, and are Class C--maybe they will stay for 15 years.

Forever renters have to rent somewhere.

Class C renters and their visitors tend to be hard on the units anyway.

Drunken fist punched holes in the walls, broken things, knobs missing, screens missing (???), doors off hinges, broken windows--unreported and just left broken and open to the elements, heavier wear and tear on flooring than class B, large secret dogs that they are babysitting for a relative in jail for unpaid parking tickets, cigarette smoke smells indoors, broken shelves, home-made (crap) repairs on things, dead cars on the property, dead cars up on blocks on the property, piles of old bald tires, etc...

Not all, but some. 

I have been inside Class C's that were as whistle clean and neat as the (Full Metal Jacket) Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island. But still overall expect Class C's to be harder on the units than Class B's.

But it's things that are normally an issue on move out--maybe they will stay 15 years.

Good Luck!

@David Smit

Tenants are going to drill shoddy holes no matter what. Curtain rods, and whatever else they can install they will.

Save the time and money and skip the blinds.

Selectblinds and must be owned by the same company; at least their online advertising is very similar.  Both always seems to have sales of at least 45 percent off the "regular" cost.  The aluminum blinds tend to last so much longer than vinyl ones.  I have aluminum ones in my own bedroom that I probably hung almost 40 years ago when I first bought my house.  They were likely purchased from whatever big box store was around back then as I don't remember ordering them online.  They are still in good shape.

Originally posted by @Terrell Garren :

24 Class B/C SFHs. $9 one inch blinds from Lowes all day long.

 I guess I must admit I never checked Lowes but figured they’d be about the same as HD the which is pricy. I’ll try theirs too then, thanks!