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Bruce L.
  • Nevada
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Rewarding Tenants with Points

Bruce L.
  • Nevada
Posted Feb 17 2014, 12:07

Hi BP!

I was wondering if anyone here has tried creative ways to get your tenants to maintain your property well and to also retain good tenants.

I was thinking about setting up a point system similar to how the credit card companies do it. After so many points, you can opt to use your points for an item or cash back.

So, I would give points throughout the year for the following:
1) Prompt rental payment.
2) Property Inspection (3-4 times a year).
3) No Complains from neighbors.
4) Lease renewal.
5) And so on, can't think of anymore, please feel free to add to this.

Items would include things like a
- $50 Gift Card (Home Depot, lol jk)
- House Cleaning service
- Coffee Machine
- 42" Flat Screen TV
- and Ca$h.

The only way to get the good items would be to be an outstanding tenant with at least 2-3 year stay.

What do you guys think?

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