Worcester Property Managers?

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Hi folks,

Anyone have contacts at property managers you trust in the Worcester, MA area? I am looking at a few properties out there, but live in Boston so I'd rather have someone on the ground to manage. The realtor with whom I am working does not have any specific recommendations and I trust you all more than random googling.

I'd be buying a 3-4 family house, around 150-200k. One of the potential properties has a tenant who has been acting as the de facto manager, but I'd rather professionalize it as I know you can get into all sorts of liability mess unless you specifically pay the tenant as an independent contractor.


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I see this is an old post (and it has been a while since I have been on BP), but did you find any luck with these suggestions? 

I, too, would like to find a PM in Worcester MA. 

The only one I know is Doug Cutler of Cutler Management, but he no longer takes on residential. Thx