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I have a single family property that I have been renting quite successful for the past 5 years right near QU. I don't know what has changed since my last lease 2 years ago but I am having trouble finding tenants for June 1. I have tried craigslist, trulia, the QU off campus web site, social media and have a sign in the front yard. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Quinnipiac area but if anyone has any suggestions as to where I can find a tenant I would certainly listen.

Thank You



Don't worry, it is a way too soon to feel vacancy with a Jun start date! I would only be concern a little bit if i was 2-3 days before start date! A couple of things to keep in mind.

Craigs List (CL) is fantastic, but make sure you have two ads made up with pictures AND let one "age off" for two days and than renew and do the same with the other one! Every two days! This way your ad is on the top of the list every day since you are renewing on each day...

I also noticed C L changed their searching set up. in order for a succesfull CR ad campaign you must have key words about the location of the property and its surranding areas in the Body of the ad (and not only in the tittle). Like Hamden, New Haven, East Haven ect......I like to add all of them in just in case!

Last but not least have you checked to make sure your asking rent is in line with your local market? How much do other similar properties rent for?

Go visit Craigs List etc and take a look. you could even call on the few property owners to see how "flexible" just to make sure.....

Mike, have you tried the housing wanted section of craigslist? There are lots of people looking for housing there.

I will also be renting a unit in Hamden soon. I hope to fill it by May 1st. If I find a marketing strategy that works well in the area, I will let you know.

I appreciate the responses. Yes, I have tried craigslist and in years past that has been enough to get multiple calls and emails. I have put in on there for the last month and have only had 2 somewhat interested calls.

Around here I wouldn't seriously advertise a property that was going to vacant on June 1 until about May 15. Right now any callers are going to be looking for something no later than May 1.

I would typically agree with you but since I am getting a much higher rent primarily because it is from students and they will be out of school next month that is my cause for concern...but I do agree with you and I am probably just being nervous for no reason.

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