A/C repair

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Is it true that landlords don't have to repair A/C problems if its not a summer mont?

@Tony Wooten ...never heard that, but in our area most people start using AC in March/April(cold/warm days)..I would take care of repair before summer. I can PM you a refer if needed..

@Rolanda Elderidge Thanks for the offer. I was asking because a friend of mine, who is renting is having this problem with the landlord.

With heat you are only obligated to provide it in our area from Oct 1 to May. If my furnace broke in June I would not by law have to provide heat until the heating season starts so someone might interpret that to mean that I don't need to fix the furnace before October. Is there a similar obligation with AC? Is it only provided for certain months?

call the city code enforcement and ask if working AC is required. Some cites its a requirement for rentals. That would make it an easy arguement.

Also see ali.state.al.us/legislation/landlord_tenant.pdf

Section 2104 page 18. I'm not a lawyer and I dont play one on tv.

One thing to consider: Repair (and replacement) costs tend to be a little less off-season. (Or maybe they cost a little more on-season).

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