Alternatives to window units

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I am interested in a quad which uses a boiler. Installing central air would be basically impossible and the units have window AC. Are there any alternatives or is it window unit or bust? Moreover, if the window unit is my only option, how have you made it look more appealing from the curb as well as the inside?

Look into a split ductless HVAC units, they go through the wall, very efficient and should cost much less than central systems.

Window units? Build a lattice screen outside that clear the top of the unit, leave plenty of breathing space, a couple feet so you can get in there to clean it too. Add another foot if you put ivy or other climbing vines/flowers of the screen. It can be more efficient by keeping the AC in the shade too by taking it higher and it looks nice, from inside or out. . :)

last year I bought a mini split for my home office. Brand is Pioneer good price on Amazon. It heats and cool. Not sure if I would put one in a rental. Stick with the window units they are cheaper and easier to install.

I sincerely appreciate the responses.

Mini Split Systems are nice, but they tend to be pretty expensive compared to window units.. Also they are hard to work on and get parts for per my ac guy.

If you already have a heat source I would just stick with the wind units. Cheap, easy to change out, and they tend to last forever based on my experience.

If they are currently installed in actual windows I would consider doing through the wall installation as I replaced them.. Just looks less ghetto in my opinion..

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