Include dishwasher? Washer and dryer?

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Hey folks, I've had a duplex for a decade where I've provided a washer/dryer and dishwasher on each side. Have had to replace one dishwasher and a couple of w/d's over the years. I just bought a new property and, in talking to my landlord friends, have found that most of them don't provide any of these.

Installing a dishwasher in my new property would mean:

1) cutting out some of the cabinets (it's a 1951 house, so the kitchen is already small, with limited cabinet space) or

2) get a portable one that the tenant could connect to the sink when needed

The washer and dryer would be easy to put in, but the hookups are also positioned where it would be easy for a tenant to get them themselves (directly by outside door) without danger of tearing up the floors.

I want to be able to charge fairly high rents for the property, and preferably rent to a family (it's in a hot neighborhood and has an absolutely gorgeous and huge backyard, which is rare). I personally would not want to live in a property without a dishwasher, and wonder if not having one would be a turnoff for prospective tenants. At the same time, the expense and ongoing maintenance is something my investor friends warn me about and I have a little experience with already.

What would you do?

In my area, dishwasher is standard, so I provide it and will likely continue doing so as I definitely wouldn't rent a home without one.  Most of mine now have washer and dryer that I've provided, but I am thinking of switching at turnover as the one where I don't provide it is the only one I haven't had to fix/replace over the last 5 years.  

What is your competition doing?  

I would at least create the space & run the plumbing for a dishwasher.  Whether or not your provide it is different, but at least you have the space.  A lot of landlords around Dallas will not provide dishwashwers but it is plumbed for one if tenants provides one.

I would never provide a washer/dryer unless I specified in the lease that I would not repair it.

This will really depend in what the nearby similar rentals are offering; that is your competition and those are the units your prospects will be seeing when they are also looking at yours. If nearby rentals have a feature included that your unit lacks, you can expect to have a lower rent and even a longer vacancy to fill the unit. My one brother is going through that now. And a very experienced landlord from whom I have learned quite a bit is going through a similar thing with refrigerators where he never previously supplied them but now has five vacant units going unfilled; the nearby landlords are now including refrigerators of course. 

Note that under sink dishwashers can be bought. 

For laundry, again it depends on your competition whether you must include or not. But I have a very old house where I have to supply the laundry appliances because the door opening to where the hookup is located is so narrow that not only does the door have to be removed to move the appliances, but the door stop molding also has to come off and even then there is just barely enough clearance for the appliances. And I measured the appliances on the showroom floor to specially pick ones that would fit through that door. Tenant supplied units probably wouldn't fit. 

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