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In a property I recently purchased, I gave one of the tenants a Notice to Terminate.  Not only were they giving me the run around with respect to rent but they had four cats in the apartment and were very dirty tenants.

Fortunately, they moved out.  Now I have to rehabilitate the apartment.  I plant to pull out all of the existing carpet. linoelum and any area where there is the slightest sign of cat urine.

Despite my plan, I suspect that the apartment will harbor a cat smell.  I have been told that there are products available that eliminate even the strongest of odors.

Does anyone have any recommendations on product or otherwise?  

Has anyone used "Odorfix Plus"?

Thank you

We've done a couple of these jobs. Mostly it will be flooring. Obviously all carpeting has to come out. Once you get down to the barest floor, use 2-3 coats of oil based(?) polyurethane. You are literally "hermetically sealing" the odor in. We've done this twice, one apartment had 4-5 cats, rodents, and were allowed to pee freely all over the place...not a trace of that odor left. Labor intensive but 100% solution. You can wash everything else with Odor ban or whatever other chemical out there promises to rid urine smell.

I have always had my guys use a product called "Kliz".  Works great!!

@Joseph F.  I haven't had the problem personally, but I was looking at property that had it bad, so I did some research.  That property was bought by another investor.  What I found was that white vinegar does eliminate it.  Not sure of the science, (Internet science!) but one is an acid and the other is a base that neutralizes the smell completely.  The vinegar smell disappears after a few days too ... according to what I read, on the Internet.

Odoban worked for dog piss smell for me

You can also try some of the enzymatic cleaners which actually break it down, but I don't know if they work compared to the other products mentioned here.  I know of one called Nature's Miracle which I've used on small stains with great success.  Not sure how it would fare on larger stains though.  I think your best bet would be one of the oil based coatings that encapsulate as mentioned above.

@Joseph F.  and his Kilz rec. I've smelt some sttaannky stuff in my apts and after using that it's back to normal. 

Refinishing the floors. Sometimes you even need to pull out some baseboards as well.

Kilz should be oil base for better effect.

We had that problem recently. Treated the subfloor with the Kilz that says it seals odors, only comes in a gallon size, was like $30/gallon at HD. Hasn't smelled since.

Yes, Kilz is a "paint" basically. You must use the oil based, which seems to be harder to get now, but ANY oil based primer OR oil based polyurethane (poly may be oil based by definition, I don't know). That is the important part. Oil based vs. acrylic. 

Dont know if you can rent an ozone machine or not, but they work wonders.  I bought one on Amazon for $125 or so.  Let's just say that when I first became a believer is when my dog was loose in the neighborhood and when he was jumping into my car it was then that I realized he had just been sprayed by a skunk.  I took my car to a car cleaning place that had an ozone machine and it took care of the horrendous smell.  I bought one for personal use after that to help freshen up my house.  Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments (I try not to run the full length if I don't have to).

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