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I am looking at a house in the Rochester NY market, the issue I am found is that the house is a double fully rented but the city site shows no C of O for the house.

so I would assume technically the tenants should not be in there now that are there.

It's possible it's an error on the city site, but if it isn't how big an issue could this be?

The city does not require a C of O in order to have tenants in the property. the C of O could have just lapsed, and the current owner is in the process of renewing. The city does not require a C of O if the owner lives in the building. My first property I bought was a 4 unit, and I lived in it for over a decade without a C of O. 

I have had an expired C of O on a property in the past while working with the city to update/repair/change whatever it was they were requiring at the time.

You can make an inquiry to the seller as to the status of the C of O. Probably the easiest thing at this point.

I did he finally called back it should be good till Nov 2015 he claims

I would request that he shows you a copy of the current C O.

Yes I am doing that, thanks.

Originally posted by @Mark Updegraff:

The city enforces C of O's through fines.  They're probably just as happy to collect fines as they are to send an inspector over ;C)

 That is Funny and True at the same time. 

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