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My tenants are being evicted and today the judge told my lawyer they need to be out by july 31st. if they are not , they get a 72 hour notice, and the marshells go to the door to get them out. How can the judge give them more time when they already are living thre rent free for june an july?  I am now worried they will move MY washer and dryer--is there any way for me to protect my appliances? I was told i cannot go in ,as long a s they are there. 

That is the way the eviction process works.

Are you forbidden from entering the property at all as long as they have possession?  If not, go in and take pictures of the appliances and the name plates with the serial numbers.

Evictions are extremely stressful, and a lot of that comes from not knowing what's going on in the unit. Most states allow landlord entry with proper notice, but there's a fine line where the tenant can claim harassment. You're in a tenant friendly state, so check with your lawyer about it. Jon's suggestion is a good one - just be sure to go in with at least  one other person, never alone. 

We once had a tenant that agreed to leave instead of being evicted, but didn't want us to come in until she was gone. We told her we had the right to inspect, and we had the local police do a "civil standby" (in Florida). They stayed by the door as my husband and I went in and inspected. The tenant wasn't home but had been properly notified. 

Hang in there. It seems like forever while they're there, but in a few weeks they will be history.

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