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Hi guys,

I'm trying to run a credit check on for a tenant I inherited but no matter what he can't answer the security questions correctly and his report request is constantly being denied.

He already showed me his social security card, greencard etc. but he just can't get those answers correct.

I called the service customer support but they can't really help.

Did anyone ever experienced such an issue? What other alternatives do I have in order to run a background check?



I've not used this service (Josh added it after I signed up with a different one) but I've encountered those questions.  Stuff like old addresses, cars you used to own, etc.  If an applicant can't answer those questions I suspect an identify mismatch.  Either the applicant is using someone else' identity and doesn't know the answers or someone has stolen their identify and done things the applicant is unaware of.  When I've answered those questions they span a long time, so I'd be inclined to suspect the first.

But perhaps I misunderstand the issue your applicant is having.

Thanks @Jon Holdman  

I might be naive but I find it really hard to believe that someone would fake his driving license, social security card and greencard, pay stubs etc.

What service are you using, I might give it another try with a different service.



To run a background check all you need is full name and DOB. Just remember trans union or anyone else cannot run a national criminal check only law enforcement can and all they are doing is running a prison check and calling it a national criminal search. 

Joe Gore

I've used tenant alert, for quite a while.  The tenant isn't involved.  You input their data and get a result.

While it seems unlikely he has a whole stack of documentation, it also seems unlikely he can't get past the identification questions.

And another thing the tenant might not have any credit at all then they will need to select none of the above.

Joe Gore

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