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Concerning Single Family Home rental: Should I pay for maintenance or should tenant be responsible?

I would say it depends on you, the house, the neighborhood, and your future plans in all of the above.  We are renting what was our primary residence.  We live(d) in a nice, gentrified, historic district where most homes have professional lawn service, and very well landscaped yards.  We know all of our neighbors & we hope to move back into the home sometime in the future...so we pay for yard care.  

If your rental is "just" an investment and you have no emotional attachment (like we do), I guess it would depend on the yard, and how much a full clean-up would be assuming the tenant did NO yardwork during their lease (worse care scenario).  Which would cost you more?  Weekly/biweekly/monthly yard work vs full-on yard restoration?

Many tenants won't keep up on yard maintenance. Either they will personally stop doing it, or they will stop paying someone else to do it. So, I always take care of yard maintenance. Of course, I charge a little more in rent to help cover the cost. But, at least this way I know it is always getting done.

Depends on how your competition handles it. Around here its typical for it to be tenant responsibility so that's how we handle it as well. Haven't had any issues so far. Have a couple tenants who love doing yard work and the yard looks better than when they moved in.

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