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My property manager called me on Friday and said the tenant can not close the garage door so I went over there and knocked on the door but no one answered and I noticed that the garage door was already down so I left and left a message with the property manager.  I looked at the lease and it mentions nothing about a garage door so am I responsible for fixing it since the unit is only a year old and I do not have a home warranty?

1. What's wrong with it? That's key to anything else you do. It's just like any other part of the property - if tenants don't actually break it, it goes under "routine upkeep."

2. Did the tenant run the car into it? Bend the tracks? Shoot the opener with a handgun? If so, they will (should!) be responsible for repairs.

3. Did the opener just give up & die? Chain or screw drive break? Do the tracks need lubrication or have they come loose from the supports? That's maintenance & it's up to you. Garage door openers aren't that expensive. A lot of routine fixes can be pretty easily done yourself.

If the tenant broke it, charge them for repairs.  If not, or if you can't definitively show they did, you pay for the repairs.

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