tenant keeps complaining about mice even after Terminix came

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We have a tenant that keeps complaining about house mouse. We had an account with Terminix so had them come in to address. They closed all the holes they found in the apartment, put traps and dicon poison in the apartment. Since the apartment is on the first floor we also had terminx investigate the basement where they put traps as well. We also took a further step by buying and providing tenant additional trap/dicon as well as the electronic repellant. We also put electronic repellant in basement. Tenant still says she sees mice in apartment. What can we do now?

Get D-Con mouse poison from Lowes.  Set it where you see mouse droppings.  Has worked for me in the past.  

Some traps work better than others as well.  Might have to try different traps and poisons.

If you're there a while and you don't see any mice or new droppings then they could be looking for a free ride.

@Peter Fokas  

You can also let the tenants know it takes time. That you are diligently working on the situation but need their assistance by keeping all feed extra "tight" and picked up. 

On a side note, I have put in all leases that it is the tenants responsibility and not the landlords to take care of pest control.

Jermaine here  you should call terminx back, you paid for them to take care of a problem for you and the problem is still there,

We had a tenant that had cockroaches we had to treat the whole building twice

Tell them your last option is to release snakes in the home to take care of it.

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