How to Prevent My Rental From Burning Down

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I bought a rental property with a gas stove next to the kitchen's a bit of a fire hazard, as you can see in the photo below.  Any ideas on how to make this more safe?

I'd like to avoid rearranging the kitchen.  Overall intent is to increase safety while keeping costs in check.  Thanks!

Build a tile front on the sheetrock?

Install thin gauge stainless plate (maybe with insulating backer) on sheetrock or in place of?

Convert to electric?

Looks like a couple of thousand other houses I've been in! The threat is not from the stove's proximity to the wall, but the potential for catching other things on fire: specifically, curtains. You could tile the wall for a little more insurance, but my first step would be to make sure that NO curtains, shades, etc., be installed on that window. You might consider a metal mini-blind (not plastic). 

Gas or electric doesn't really matter if there are curtains dangling nearby.

if possible shift a cabinet to the other side of the stove (maybe a 12 inch ).  

Put in your own window covering (?  cordless aluminum blind/ cellular shade and do not allow curtains on that window).

Put a stainless plate, ceramic time on the wall.  you can even go so far as to put tile on the window sill (or insert a marble threshold in place of the sill (they sell them for doors in big box and I think they will cut them shorter for you if you need). 

What the heck is the outlet for?    I would get rid of that if you aren't putting a cabinet on that side. Just some options. 

Also if you put a big pot on the front burner see what it bangs up against and figure that into your plan.

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