Creative Off-street Parking Strategies

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Hello Everyone,

New member here interested in hearing tips, tricks, and creative solutions you've used to optimize off-street parking. This is a fourplex with three individual garage stalls plus a large 'L' shaped driveway, and there are currently eight vehicles that need to be parked somewhere.

As of now, there is no policy in place, which is not ideal. I would like to get this squared away over the next few days. What systems have you used successfully? How would you go about implementation with tenants already in place and leases already signed?

Thanks in advance,

If you feel like you dont want to upset the tenants, you may want to look at where they currently park. Develop a plan of where you'd like them to park and then implement it piecemeal as each tenant moves out...sorta playing tetris with the parking spots. 

If you are OK upsetting the tenants, develop a plan. Give them a 30 day notice that this is how it is going to be and implement it. Maybe add a fee if they are parking in someone else's spot. I have implemented an added fee for garage parking when there is limited garage parking spots. 

Ugh. Probably something to look at before people are in. What does your lease say about parking? Does it give them two dedicated parking spots per unit? Based on your picture, this looks like a rough situation. Do the garages let out into the driveway? If so, it needs to be clear. If your lease doesn't guarantee off-street parking, I would mandate that the driveway stay clear at all times and maybe charge more for the dedicated garages, or give the one without a garage a discount. 

Outside of that, I don't know what creative strategy is possible. Either people have to be blocking the driveway, or they have to park on the street. Unless the driveway is wide enough for two vehicles plus letting the cars out of the garage. In that case, you could create several parallel parking spots. 

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