Carpet costs? How much are you paying?

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How much are you folks paying for carpet install these days? 

Following along with the webinar...

I just got a quote this week from Lowe's for about 800-900sf of carpet including a stairwell, living room, hallway and 3 bedrooms for about $1500 installed. This was a lower end stain master carpet that was $0.98 per sf and their cheapest padding.

Hope that helps!

EDIT:  I forgot to mention I will get somewhere between 5-15% off the actual carpet cost once I purchase. The manager will give us up to 15% off on some things, but worst case my Lowe's card will get me the 5% off.

Truth be told - carpet gets bought, sold and installed by the square yard.  Layout in a room means everything!  a 12' wide carpet is 12' wide all day long - so if you have a room that is 13 x 14, you are paying for 26 lf of 12' wide carpet (312 sf) - not the 196 sf that is the size of the room.

That being said $15 sy carpet ($1500 for 900 sf)) is about right for a very inexpensive carpet and pad - much less than that is pretty close to impossible.  If you want to get a better quality carpet at an even better price talk with your local flooring store.  they get overstock - discontinued carpet lists every day from their manufacturers that can get you a $25 sy ($2.77 sf) carpet at that lower $6-8 sy price.  All other things being equal -That is a GREAT deal for very little effort.  Many of them will sell material only, if you want to install or have your own installer.

Carpet pad is another story.  Depends on what you are after long term....more replacements at $1500 a pop, or a carpet that will hold up past two or three normal replacements.  Spend $1800-2200 now and not another $3000-4500 over the next two or three turn overs.

I pay 88 cents a sqft installed, that is 30 ounce carpet.     Pad is I think 11 cents a sqft more and tack strip costs can bump it too.     If the house needs more than 100 yards (900 sqft) than this price can bump up a little too.

This is buying carpet in bulk and giving one installer a really large chunk of business.  

Blah, if it needs less than 100 yards it can bump up.   Also there an additional cost for stairs and other random issues that seem to come up.   

@Brandon Turner  

Your point worked quite well, given the good information by Austin and Laureen. Well done, sir.

@Brandon Turner   I pay around $1.5/sf including:

+ Carpet, Builder/FHA grade, frieze with black spots

+ Pad, 3/8" rebond with scrim

+ Labor, removing old, installing pad and carpet, cleaning and vacuuming

Good luck!

I'm paying $11-12/yard includes removal of pad and carpet and installation of new pad and carpet but I have not used carpet in a while as I prefer VPF.

Hey Brandon I just ordered some carpet NOT from a big box store (a first!) for our basement apartment. The carpeted area is around 420 sq ft and I think the price of the install was around $300-$350, which includes tack strips and transitions. 

Hey @Tyler Blackwell  - where did you end up getting it from? I used to get my carpet and pad from VJ's in Rochester but lately i've just been doing Home Depot.  Ever been to VJ's? Awesome place - check it out if you haven't yet. 

Everyone else -thanks! Great info. I think I've been paying around $.90 a sq ft for carpet, $.25 for pad, and then $39 install from Home Depot. It works out to about $1000 for a 2 bedroom apartment (this doesn't include demo.) 

@Brandon Turner  (somebody please tell me how to do the @ thing)

A good flooring store will not charge extra for tack strip, they include that as part of doing business.  Stairs and specialty wraps will always cost extra.  Be careful with square foot costs and look at your bottom line.  I underbid big box stores all day long with better quality carpet.  

Rocky Vasquez has the right idea.  Hard surface Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is definitely the way to go for low/no maintenance long lasting floors in a rental.  I suggest not letting them talk you into the less expensive glue down or glue together - the adhesives start to deteriorate.  The great advantage of LVT click floors is that you can pull it up replaced damaged underlayment and sub floor as needed and put it right back down.  The other upside is that you can replace a few damaged planks without replacing the entire floor.  Upfront costs can range from $5-8 sf.  A little more spendy than carpet, but should last 15 years -even in a rental.

It looks like builddirect has 3mm vinyl click lock flooring starting at 1.37/sqft and 4.2mm and 5mm at 1.69 and 1.84

Are they the lowest priced seller of this product after considering shipping?

Anyone have experience with 3mm product versus 4-5mm? Seems to have about the same warranty

How do you cut this stuff? I've never used it but might try it out

I just did 4 houses in Dayton, Ohio. I don't have the final bill with the measure here, but,

I paid about $1/foot for 24oz carpet and 6lb pad installed in the rentals and $1.25/foot for the rehab with 30oz carpet and 8lb pad.

@Brandon Turner  , We just got the carpet through the contractor that's helping us with the basement. I think he actually got the materials through Home Depot but had savings on the pad (the same recycled Nike pad) that made the quote competitive.

I AM familiar with VJ's--we love it! We bought laminate for our first home there and for the basement rental it was tricky finding a kitchen sink to fit the small custom cabinets, but we found it at VJs. Quite a drive for you, no? I guess if you need almost ANYTHING besides Starbucks it requires a drive :)

Not completely on topic; and not completely researched; but I heard at one of my local meeting the guidelines for Section 8 housing / government assisted....  apartments are going to move towards "no carpet" allowed. 

So anyone with Section 8 / government assisted tenants, you may want to check into state, local plans for the short term future before installing. Personally I only see the value in carpet on high to mid high end rentals; which I don't own.... Just an FYI...   

I prefer carpet in the bedrooms myself.  I paid 750$ installed from Lowes.  My house is a three bedroom home and each room is about 10x12.  This price included the carpet pad and removal of the old carpet and pad.

Yeah!!!  Got it.  @Brandon Turner .  The space makes all of the difference.  Thanks.

A few more items of note on flooring.  The LVT click floors can be cut and installed just like a laminate floor @Jassem A.  

And in an addition to my earlier post - I put that LVT could last as long as 15 years - that was a very conservative estimate as some of them have a 10+ commercial warranty and can have a forklift driven over them.  Having a floor like that last 20+ years even in a rental is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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We have hardwood in all traffic areas. We go for remnants of higher end carpets for bedrooms and non-traffic areas of living room. With an 8 lb pad, and regular shampooing, the higher end nylon carpets last longer. For remnants, you need to be sure there is one dimension that's under 12'. You'll find something.

Just did this on two living rooms for about a total of $1000. Hopefully we'll get 10 years. We'll see.

That's a good question! Carpet, like anything else comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures that determine price. You can usually find pricing from $.49 and up. You will also need to consider the cost of the pad (generally cheap), overages,  and installation. As a rule, have somebody that installs carpet for a living put it down. They will do a good job and measure accurately the first time. 

Good luck with your job!!Carpet-Styles-Quick-G...

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