Another fun rehab project

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I did this rental rehab project a while back and I posted updates on BP:

Fun Rehab Project

I am looking to start another fun rehab project soon, so I thought I post pictures of it. This one I bought and started cleaning out and when my guys went to pull the permit, we were told that the house is on a demo list and we couldn't pull permit, so I applied for a building inspection to take it off the demo list on July 1, 2014 and I finally had the city inspection today. I should receive a letter from the city next week about the next steps, but I will need to put up a $10k performance bond before I can proceed.

This is how I bought the place

This is what it looks like now after clean out:

Some fresh paint, new carpets and youre done, right? :)  but seriously, good luck with the house! That will make for an incredible before and after once youre finished.

HOLY HELL! This one would have kept me up at night for sure. Title work didnt show that it was on a demo list? I have seen the notice of demo list recorded at the county level, so I would assume title work would have thrown up a flag.

Well, you sure do like your little projects, huh?  :)

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