Landlords in Maryland: I want to hear your story!

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I would really like to connect and converse with a few people who are actually landlording in my local area.  I'm going to infiltrate this post with specific location inform in hopes to catch someone with keyword alerts set up ;)  I would love to email, have a chat on the phone, or if you really want my husband and I might even take you to lunch and pick your brain, hear some stories of your experiences, etc...  

I'm specifically looking to connect with people who have buy and hold properties and are landlords in Cecil County and Harford County, but more specifically Edgewood, Aberdeen, Perryville, North East, and Elkton.  The zip codes for these areas are 21040, 21001, 21903, 21901, and 21921.  

I know not all active landlords hit up the Harford County / Baltimore North REIA meetings every month so I'm hoping to connect here. Let me know if you want to chat!

Lol I'm near Aberdeen but I think it's a totally different Aberdeen :) But the keyword alert still worked hah! Best of luck! 

@Brandon Turner  

 That's hilarious.  I'm going to use Aberdeen as a bat signal for whenever I want your attention now :)  

And I shall rise to the occasion! 

Hi Heather,

I have 4 buy and holds in Harford County Maryland.  I've had them since 2004, 2005, 2006, and last Friday respectively!  I'd love to share my experiences with you.


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