Paint color- neutral enough or repaint?

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What do you think of the paint color on the wall?

Is it neutral enough? I'm a guy who's not good with these paint colors, but I'm afraid that it might come across as too 'dark'.

 photo IMG_2952.jpg

I don't know if I should keep that same paint color in the family room and  on one wall in the dining room. 

Or, if I should repaint it the same yellow color that you see in the top left corner of the picture so that it matches the rest of the paint in this property. Will it seem weird if some of the walls or rooms have different color than the rest of the house?

Or, should I select an entirely different color for everything than that yellow? Should I have picked more of a tan color than the yellow color paint I picked, or more accurately, the sales associate at Home Depot picked. 

It seems like tan color is popular today because it makes molding and trim pop more but I have builder grade molding and trim. Plus, at the prices my painter charges me, he oftentimes paints the molding/trim as the same color of the wall paint so that molding/trim doesn't really pop regardless of the color I picked. 

what are you to do?  Is a house is sale? 

For a rental, it looks great as-is.  For a resale, go to some open houses and view properties in your price range and take a look at the high end stuff.....see what colors they are using in your area, especially in high-end new construction if there is any. Most builders retain local designers to pick their colors.  You should get some great ideas that way.  Porter Paints, if they are in your area....PPG.....Glidden is also part of their family now...has a new designer fan deck with some awesome color combos you can't go wrong with.  We use it for some of our flip the one we are doing with now on avon ave in atlanta.  Happy Investing....and Happy tell your painter what to do.....not the other way around!

Choosing Colors

You might want to go on the websites for the Villages at Irvine, etc. and browse their pics or go to open houses, they spend a fortune having their homes and apartments staged. You can also go online to Sherman Williams and try on color with their color visualizer. You can have different colors from room to room, but they need to be the same density. 

The gray is a pretty color, but best suited for an accent wall, UNLESS there is ALOT of light coming in. 

You can also go to one of the paint stores or big box stores and pick up their brochures that have the color chips in them, pre matched, etc. 

There's different ways to 

I love the dark wall, and I think the yellow is more interesting than beige.  Our units with unique colors are the most popular, color can be a way to differentiate yourself.

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