Pool with a Diving Board

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BP Community, 

Got an email from my insurance company this morning stating "You have to remove the diving board. Have a nice day."

Background: I rented this property out 2 months ago after living in it for a year. I had the same insurance company while I lived there, and they did not say anything about the diving board on the pool. 

Now that I transferred the policy to a rental, they are saying I have to remove the diving board.  I already have tenants, and I honestly do not want to remove it, as it has been there since the house was built in '97. 

Any words of wisdom in dealing with a situation like this? Anybody in the Florida panhandle  (pensacola, navarre, gulf breeze) have recommendations for "diving board friendly" insurance agencies?

@Blake Woodham  Sorry man, anything that propels people through he air, insurance companies are going to be against;  Diving board, trampoline, zip line, etc.  You are going to be stuck paying extra premiums if you want to keep it. 

Don't think about it like a previous owner, think about it as the person who has to take on the liability risk.  It being there since 97 is potentially part of the risk.  We had a pool growing up with a diving board but the depth and configuration would not pass more recent standards. We eventually had to take the board out.  Maybe that isn't the case with you. Maybe you can get a policy and if you want to then do. And if it was my family living there I might also do that.    But tenants - removing the board protects you against stupid and believe me people are stupid. Way stupider then you could imagine. 

@Jay Helms  Thanks for the reference, I will give her a call soon. 

@Colleen F.  Wise words. I will see if I can get it fully insured for cheap. If not, I will definitely be looking to remove it. If I recall correctly, my rental contract should relieve me of any liability for the tenants or their guest... I will have to dig into it a bit deeper to make sure on that one... 

@Blake Woodham   I had a similar experience with a trampoline. Just as @Jason Bott mentioned anything "fun" insurance companies are against. I was not able to keep my policy if my tenants kept the trampoline so I asked them to take it down. They did without any complaints at all. The thing that surprised me was that the trampoline was actually hidden pretty well. The insurance company must have had someone with a ladder look over the fence in the back yard in order to see it. This property is in Valparaiso, Florida and the insurance company was All Risk insurance I eventually dumped them as the customer service was horrible after my agent left. I did find a new company but there is no trampoline this time.

best if luck to you with the diving board.

Well after going around and around with the insurance broker, they finally found a company that will insure the diving board. It actually worked out better for me because my coverage went up on the house, and the annual premium actually went down by about $50. 

Win-Win for now. 

Backyard diving boards are incredibly dangerous. Most private pools are not designed to handle the depth and width clearance for safe diving. You need a huge deep end. Of all the pools I have grown up with or rented I saw only one that was borderline ok. I had a kids party over at a house I was renting and there was no diving allowed. I still sat five feet away the whole time. I wanted to cut the thing out the day I moved in. Your insurance is doing you right with this advice. Thsnks, matt

@Blake Woodham  

always helps to look around.  Can you share the company?  In case I have a client who has a diving board I would like to point them in the right direction.

@Matt R.  Ended up getting the policy with Federated National Insurance Company out of Sunrise, Fl. 

@Blake Woodham   glad it worked out for you,  not sure I would do that with renters but I don't think I could do a rental with a pool.

We had a cancelation with a trampoline and an unregistered car if you can believe it.   We switched insurance because ours had practically doubled.  We had the trampoline and I knew it was gonna be an issue and all my son ever uses it for now is a nap. Anyway so trampoline was up on craigslist and we had just  bought a car at auction and towed it to the house, nice average car from a government auction.  We are awaiting title for car and I get a notice they canceled the insurance for a trampoline an unregistered car.  Now  you have to look for my house, it is set off the road and I work from home so I was there,  you think the guy would knock on the door....and ask about that car but apparently no..

@Colleen F.  Wow! That seems a bit drastic. Good to know though. I didn't realize some insurance companies were that thorough! 

As for my property, its a bit of a chance but I feel comfortable with the insurance backing me. The property is still cash flowing with a pool company coming out every week to service it. It is also my first rental unit. I will definitely not be buying any more properties with a pool unless the deal is that good. 

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