I've been asked a lot of things by prospective tenants...

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but never;

Can i produce my own medicinal marijiuana on the property?

I would think someone who grows marijuana would know how to spell marijuana, but I guess that is asking too much.

Yes, I'm not looking forward to having to deal with dope heads that hide behind medical excuses.

I know marijuana helped my father-in-law during his fight with a failing kidney. So I am a reluctant believer in its merits.

Mixed feelings here.

knowing Account Closed you signed them up for a net lease of profits!

@Derek W. I was thinking of responding "How much more rent are you willing to pay?"


"net lease of profits" in the rental agreement would imply you know they are growing for commercial purposes (not medical/personal), and could land you in hot water.

So I asked him how many plants one needs for medical purposes and he replied 8.

That seems like an awful lot of pot.

But dude, he's like really sick man.

8... lets say he harvest 2 every two months.... that guy is looking at smoking a 1/2lb-1lb (very low ammount for two plants) a month. or more definatly more... but if he's got a stable job, pays his bills, and its legal he could just have a chronic (pardon the pun) pain issue :p

Your law  probably says 8.    RI laws says: 12 mature plants ("plant which has flowers or buds that are readily observable by an unaided visual examination"), 12 immature plants ("plant with no observable flowers or buds") and 2.5 ounces of useable cannabis.

Not sure what yours says and that is per person.   A couple and you get a little pot factory.

I am for just having medicine come from the drug store like for every other medication.  

Interesting people...interesting deal...but for the legal issues involved??

If you call Handle on the Law Saturdays 7-11am 640 KFI let me know...Bill would enjoy this one.



@John D.  You caught that it was a joke, right?

I personally don't like any growing in my rentals because of the water, heat, humidity are all negatives to a healthy house. Most of the pot houses I've bought over the years had messed up heating systems, mold, and water damage. 

@Aaron Mazzrillo I'm assuming you just passed on this tenant?

@Peter Baldwin  I would love to hear what Bill would say as well! He's great. 

@Derek W.  

 Believe it or not, there have been profit share clauses in leases in Nevada county, and a couple of people have gotten in trouble as a result.  Just want to make sure everyone reading is clear.

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