Shut the front door!

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Hey All,

I own 2 duplexes (4 units total), and I'm looking to replace the front doors on each unit (the current doors are pretty beat up and they don't insulate well).

Does anyone have any good recommendations on what kinds of doors I should get? How much should I plan to spend on each door? Should I go for metal or fiberglass? Windows or windowless?

I'm just looking for some candid thoughts and opinions from the seasoned pros. What do you think?

@Seth Williams   We recently had to replace both front doors of a duplex we are renovating. We decided on fiberglass, since it won't dent. We also liked doors with a small,half circle window with privacy glass.  They were around $260 I think at The Home Depot. Of course, you'd want to match the door to the style of your house, traditional, craftsman, etc.

For my last duplex I went with steel doors.

Thanks for your feedback @Dawn Anastasi  and @Beth L.  - I was thinking the same thing with the small, half circle window with privacy glass. I am aware that fiberglass doors also don't dent (which could be a major selling point) - I guess it'll depend on whether steel or fiberglass is less expensive.

Much appreciated!

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