Scheduling multiple contractors for bids

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I try to minimize having to be at the property, so I tend to schedule things close together.

For example, I have three roofers to come by today for a roof leak estimate.  One at 11:30, one at 12:30-1:30, and one between 1-4.  Most likely no overlapping, and a termite guy in between there, and I will just do some needed repair while I am there.

but then one guy is running late, one will come earlier and I suddenly have three roofers showing up within a 90 minute window and this could be awkward.

do you try to spread them out or do you not mind them showing up at the same time even though everyone knows you are getting multiple bids?

@Sam Leon  I try to avoid meeting contractors for bids altogether.  Roofers generally do not need interior access.  Just give them the address and ask them to send you a bid.

Contractors always want to meet you there.  From their perspective they are more likely to get the bid if they can talk with you directly.  But from your perspective it is a  waste of time.  Plus, as you've just experienced, they often do not show up as scheduled and sometimes not at all.

I do rehabs, too.  I'm generally not too concerned with having contractors let themselves into a house that is in rough shape.  I put a lock box on the house, give them the code and tell them to give me a bid.

Oh, and as far as having the roofers all show up at the same time--oh well.  It is what it is.  The ones that are looking take advantage of you will probably just leave.  The other ones who can compete on price, qualify, reliability, references, professionalism, will stay and give you a bid.

I have two interior leaks so they need to get inside to see it in order to mirror the measurements up top and to approximate the likely areas that need to be opened up.

I try to schedule them apart, but sometimes they collide.

I have always felt having contractors bump into each other when doing repair estimates is a big no no.  Although I think they know I am getting more than one bid, so why pretend otherwise?  I think it might be good if they talk to each other and one can call out the other's bid or approach that would only benefit me.

I don't see it as a problem.  I don't mind meeting other contractors its not like we don't see each other at the supply houses.  I'm used to being given a LBC and a show up when you can.  I've meet my competition a few times if you want to call them that. ; )

If I've never done any work for you it'd be nice to meet but it wouldn't be the first time I've done 1000s of dollars in work without a face to face.

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