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In an earlier post, I mentioned I was purchasing a vacation rental property in Florida.  It took a few months, but we finally purchased a home that closed early this week.  The previous owner had several bookings in place, so there were quite a few details involved in transferring the funds and guest info from a three different sources.  In fact, we're still working through some frustrating issues with Flipkey.  But that's a post for another time.  

The reason for this post, is I'm curious how you guys would handle a belligerent Property Manager like the one in the email thread below.  NOTE:  The goal of my initial inquiry was to get the former Property Management company, Florida Sun Vacation Homes, to remove my home from their website.  Since I'd been unsuccessful to get this resolved before closing on the house, I decided to try to motivate the company to make this a priority.  

Here's the lengthy but entertaining email thread.  Enjoy!

Me: I am the new owner of the property located at <address removed>. By now, you are aware the house has been sold, as my Real Estate agent and new Property Management company have had several conversations with <name removed>.  Since this house is no longer being managed by Florida Sun Vacation Homes, please remove my home from your website immediately.  If you need any further information from me, please email me at <email address removed>.

PM:  Our webpage was already deactivated on Thursday. It doesn't show up for any date searches or under WP community page. However if you saved the webpage to your favorites, then you still can see it's dead page. But you and the previous owner would have been the only ones to do that, so you don't need to worry we are not advertising the home any more.  Best of luck.

Me: Thanks for getting back to me. You are correct, I had saved the link so I thought it was still active.  Can you tell me when you be removing the link and pictures completely?

PM:  So that you and the previous owner can't see it?

Me:  If a previous guest liked the house, they may have bookmarked the site with hopes to return a later date.  Please completely remove the link and the photos, as this house is no longer legally represented by your company. When <previous owner> sold the home to me, he signed an addendum which stated that "All marketing, media, reviews and other digital like property convey with the sale."  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

PM:  I'm truly sorry that we missed out on the opportunity to work with such a particular owner.

Why would you be concerned about previous guests, of ours, trying to book the house at a later date? Even in that ridiculous example, they would contact us only to learn that the home is no longer available.

Whatever you signed with the previous owner had ZERO to do with my company.  There are no documents stating anything whatsoever between the 2 of us, nor do you own any copyright or trademarked intellectual property that appear in any of our photos. Those photos are MINE, as I was the one who took them, as well as everything else you see on our webpage and website. I could tell you that I can therefore use them in any way I see fit. But rest assured, as already stated, we are no longer advertising the home and I have no plans to do so even generically.

So please move on to more productive uses of your time. Happy Holidays

End of email thread.

I think I would move on.  I see a high risk for frustration with very little reward.  Maybe I'm missing something but your house on their website shouldn't affect you as long as they don't book it, it might be a problem for them and their customers who ask about it.

@Jeff Morse  

In my opinion the PM is being sarcastic and unprofessional, and you might be overly concerned about a non-issue.

I'm sure there are archived pages scattered in the Netherlands of the internet of rentals that we used to manage, but no longer do. In the off chance that a prospective tenant inquired about a property that we no longer manage, we would simply tell them we no longer manage the property.

I wouldn't waste any more time with the issue and instead focus on enjoying your new investment property!

So now we know that Florida Sun Vacation Homes is owned by an obnoxious, immature jerk ;) 

I still get calls and emails about rental properties that I had advertised online, originally with Postlets, that were syndicated all over the place. Even though I deleted the listing when my property was rented, it's still likely stored in a cache on someone's device. Nothing to be done about it. As others have said, no point in arguing with this company. We own properties in FL, and if I we ever need a PM company, this one won't be it!

Best of luck with your new property :)

Start emailing them random photos that make you laugh. 

@Nate Garrett  and @Brant Richardson  

Thanks for the reply.  I was concerned about the company using my house as a "bait and switch" scenario.  

I'm "wound a little too tight right now", as I've had some major frustrations during this transaction.  Just when I thought the worst was over, today I'm faced with the choice of ruining approximately 30 people's Christmas vacation plans or allowing them to stay in my home for free.  It was my agents and my understanding that Flipkey had everything they needed from the previous owner to deposit the funds in my account, and today I find out, they don't.  The previous owner is in the UK and his listing agent was very unresponsive as we neared the closing date, so it could be very difficult now to resolve this before the guests arrive on 12/17.  Needless to say, I'm learning a TON though this vacation rental purchase.

I agree with you, that I should move on.  As the PM said, I probably have "more productive uses of my time."

@Aly L - You're post cracked me up!  Thank you!  I needed that on a day like today.

I manage vacation homes. I would not let the people stay in your house for free. That is on the seller. He should have dealt with that, it is not your responsibility.

Sometimes rented out places sell. It has happened to me. The renters still have time to book other places. Just make sure they know immediately that they will have to make other arrangements due to the house being sold. They won't be happy, but it isn't your fault.

They should be able to get refunded through FlipKey. Maybe they will do that and re-book directly through you. I hope it works out.

Well it only took 18 days, but I believe we finally got this resolved.  Flipkey finally took some initiative and decided to email the previous owner and ask for permission to transfer the funds.  One simple email is all I've been waiting on!  Man, it's been a stressful day!

Account Closed - I agree with you and that's what I was going to do.  I wasn't looking forward to telling them, "Sorry you can't stay in my house.  Merry Christmas!"  :)

I'm glad it all worked out. It's great to be getting that rental revenue so soon after buying the place!

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