Optional Housekeeping Amenities - Any Success Stories

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Has anyone offered their tenants a group discount on housekeeping services? If so, was it a success? What are some lessons learned?


In collaboration with the cleaning service we use during turnover, we offer our tenants an optional cleaning service.

Uptake in the regular service has been less than 10%, so not really a success.  However, we have found that tenants are calling the cleaners for periodic cleaning (windows, spring cleaning, move out).  Our student tenants seem to have embraced the service for move out .... which works well for us.

@Roy N.  you're always one step ahead of me. Thanks for sharing.

Now please tell me what your revenue sharing agreement is with the cleaners? What are the details? Who handle the money?

Walk me through a typical moveout scenario.  Thanks

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We do not share revenue per se, as our deal with the cleaning folks is in the form of credits {from 10 - 20% depending upon the volume of services rendered to our tenants}, which we use to cover some of our turnover cleaning costs.

While not as successful as we had both envisioned for uptake on the weekly cleaning service, it has proven mutually beneficial for cleaning on move out.   Just like any landlord, we tell our tenants that we expect the unit to be returned to us in the same condition as they received it.   If tenant return a dirty unit to us, we call in out cleaning service and deduct the costs from the security deposit.  While some tenants will clean the unit themselves, many will hire out the task - we have found this to be particularly true of the current generation of student tenants.  

Since we have established this relationship the tenants who decided to hire out the cleaning of the unit at move out will use out cleaning service ~90% of the time.  This has been fruitful for our cleaning service as they are now certain of cleaning almost all of our apartments at least once - sometimes twice (if we do renovations) - at turnover.  It has been good for us, because we know when the tenant uses our service, the unit will be cleaned to our standards - saving us the time and effort of cleaning it again.  It also reduces our cleaning service costs for when we have units cleaned between renovations and move-in.